pricing (in american-type dollars) is as follows*:

where y=each extra character.

11x14: b/w $150 +($50x y)
11x14: colour $250 (and up)+($50x y)

11x17: add $50(b/w) and $75(colour) to each of the above

14x23: b/w $250 +($75x y)
14x23: colour $550-650 +($75x y)

ah sweet algebra, every artist's friend...

those sizes are approximate. 11x14 is sometimes 10x15. 14x23 is sometimes 15x20. b/w is typically pen/brush and ink (or occasionally black gouache). colour is watercolour, gouache, pencils, ink, coffee, goat's blood, clown, etc... everything's archival and on either strathmore two ply bristol or italian watercolour paper.

* specific requests (composition, lettering, etc...) may cost more. please inquire.

please add $15 for shipping and packaging, or more for private courier (at your request).

payment via paypal, please.